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4 Ways to Stand Out in a Virtual Meeting

How can you make yourself stand out in a sea of screens and faces?‍‍ These four simple ideas will help you be remembered. Because being memorable is a piece of the networking puzzle.
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"Don’t toot your own horn" and other rules business owners should break

Many of us grew up hearing “Be seen not heard”, “Be humble”, “Don’t talk to strangers”, “Don’t toot your own horn”. These phrases became programmed into our brains. But then you become a business owner and enter into the world of elevator speeches, Facebook lives, Instagram stories, podcasts, networking events, etc. You’re being seen, you’re being heard, and you’re talking to strangers all while tooting your own horn—doing the things you were told never to do. 
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How to Create a Personal Finance Inventory - The Starting Point for Financial Success

It’s possible to manage your personal finances in a way where you can enjoy the things you care about most in life right now as well as plan for the future you envision. So where do you start?
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Preparing "Your Ask" for a Business Loan

Someday you may need to seek out and apply for a business loan. Follow this checklist of the items to assemble for “Your Ask” prior to visiting with your lender about your financing needs. 
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What if we all had something…

It all began with a lunch date and a long run. I went to lunch with a new friend who wanted to connect about business... pick my brain on how I was growing mine and to have another friend in her corner. After nearly two hours of conversation, I left that lunch feeling happy about a new business colleague in my circle, but mostly… I left feeling sad.
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