"Don’t toot your own horn" and other rules business owners should break

July 31, 2020

As children and young adults, many of us grew up hearing “Be seen not heard”, “Be humble”, “Don’t talk to strangers”, “Don’t toot your own horn”. These phrases became programmed into our brains, energetically became part of us, and served us in many aspects of our lives. 

We grow up learning that hard work leads to a good career. For days, we prepare for an interview so we can land that dream job. All of those programmed phrases from our youth come back during the interview where it’s expected that we toot our own horn and share our accomplishments. That is really why we are there, right? 

But what happens when a new opportunity appears that goes against the norm? What happens when you veer off from the “traditional career path” and something falls on your heart—A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. 

This opportunity might come in the form of network marketing, a direct sales business, brick and mortar... you name it. From elevator speeches, Facebook lives, Instagram stories, podcasts, networking events, etc. you’re being seen, you’re being heard, and you’re talking to strangers all while tooting your own horn—welcome to being in business! 


Whatever it is—I know the burning desire in your heart for wanting to do something new and different. All of a sudden everything you have been told as a child and young adult that you should NOT do, you have to do every day in your new business opportunity. 

But how can you overcome this old programming? How do you let go of the traditional career path, follow your heart, and do something for yourself? 

For some, the “just do it” mindset can work with practice and over time the old programming disappears. For others, that programming is deeply rooted and inner work must be completed. 

No matter who you are, follow that opportunity and share it loud and proud– you’ll be surprised to see what happens.


As a fellow business owner, I see you. I am cheering you on and remember YOU are your business! 

Written by Marilyn McMurray

Marilyn McMurray, known as the Business Doula, serves as the Chief Visionary Officer for Trailblazing Communications.

Marilyn specializes in removing blocks and beliefs that hold people back from obtaining peace and profits.

Marilyn has been an entrepreneur since July 1981, when he grandma sent her off with a cigar box selling Christmas Ornaments.

She did take a hiatus from business to obtain a degree in elementary and special education and serve people with disabilities in the non-profit sector.