4 Ways to Stand Out in a Virtual Meeting

September 26, 2020

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

How can you make yourself stand out in a sea of screens and faces?

Here are some really simple ideas of how to help yourself be remembered. Because being memorable is a piece of the networking puzzle.

1. Your screen background.

It shouldn't be obnoxious but if you have a background that is bright, pretty, something unique or noteworthy, it makes people look at your screen more.

2. Your screen name.

Depending on what kind of meeting you are in (know your audience and what's appropriate) can you make it stand out? Maybe an emoji? Maybe your middle initial? Capitalizations? Titles?

3. Your look.

On a video call, as much as we wish it didn't, how you look matters. Maybe a statement earring, necklace, or tie? A bold color? Even just being well-groomed and put together makes a memorable statement.

4. The chat.

If you like what someone said, throw a "great point, Mike!" out in the chat. If you see an opportunity to give kudos or praise or validation to someone, do it there. Don't use the chat to start an entirely side conversation or make a big point that needs a full discussion (you don't want to distract people), but using it to show value and praise other group members and show you are engaged in the conversation makes others feel great. And... bonus... gets your name and positive attitude out there more. It makes you more memorable.

Making a lasting impression is key to networking and even though it is harder to do virtually, these simple ideas can go a long way!

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