What if we all had something…

May 28, 2020

The story of Limitless Conference

It all began with a lunch date and a long run.

I went to lunch with a new friend who wanted to connect about business... pick my brain on how I was growing mine and to have another friend in her corner.

After nearly two hours of conversation, I left that lunch feeling happy about a new business colleague in my circle, but mostly… I left feeling sad.
Sad because she had so many needs... resources, learning, camaraderie, support. Things she wasn’t finding easily on her own.

Our conversation stayed with me as I laced up my shoes and started out on a run that afternoon.

With every step that hit the pavement,
it became more and more clear to me...

What if we all had something?

Something that helped us grow bigger.
Something that helped us find others.
Something that inspired us to go for it. 

That’s when the nudge from my heart to my head began.

Could I created something?

With every mile I ran... I answered pieces of that question.

Could I create something to help my friends in business?
What would that look like?
How would I do it?

By the end of that run, I didn’t feel exhausted - I felt more on fire than ever.

Limitless Conference had begun.

I envisioned a day filled with the resources that would help us solopreneurs and driven leaders. A day where we could be surround by people who inspire us and fill us with the knowing that we are truly limitless.

The conference was originally scheduled for April 18th, 2020.

And in true entrepreneurship fashion, we had to pivot.

But isn’t that exactly what sets us apart as business builders? No matter what you throw at us… a failure, a roadblock, a global pandemic… we know how to pivot and we do it well.


So even though we have to wait a little while longer for this dream... I hope you will join me on our rescheduled date of June 23rd..


Because after all this, I know we will need Limitless Conference, and all it brings, more than ever.


It will be day made from thousands of footsteps with you in mind.


See you soon, very soon.
~ Michaela